Peter Wallenberg Award

The Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award recognizes the most innovative successfully implemented method in the field of sales and marketing.

Peter Wallenberg Marketing and Sales Award 2017

Peter Wallenberg award

The Peter Wallenberg Award was given to a team in Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique Service division: Pieter Colen, Bob Rigouts, Louis De Jaegher and Damien Hoyen. They played key roles in advancing and promoting the groundbreaking SMARTLINK data monitoring system for compressors. The system lets Atlas Copco remotely measure the equipment performance and see exactly when service is needed. This gives customers peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their business instead of on the compressors. Thousands of customers globally have benefited from SMARTLINK since its launch in 2013.

Recent Peter Wallenberg Award winners

2016 Tomas Lundin, Tylong Li, Stephen Chen and Lancer Chen

2015 Bert Derom and Koen Lauwers

2014 Olaf Leonhardt and Andreas Kiefer

2013 Leszek Irla, Caroline Stulgies, Patrik Löfgren, Ataollah Maleki and Michael Schraft

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