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Meet previous interns

Caroline Lindblad - Construction Technique

Intern 2015 Construction Technique

“The summer internship was a great experience and one of my favorite things about it was to meet and work together with people from all over the world. I had the chance to apply my knowledge gained from school and I was also given the opportunity to learn a lot more about my fields of interest. I had a lot of fun both at work and during my spare time and I hope that my work will benefit Atlas Copco. I would definitely do it all over again”.

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Satyajit Bagchi - Industrial Technique

Intern 2015 Industrial Technique

“The summer internship was an incredible journey! It was truly an experience for me to work with great colleagues in an international company. I also got to explore a fantastic new city and culture. I couldn’t have asked for more!”

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Tobias Genborg- Mining and Rock Excavation Technique

Intern 2015 Mining & Rock Excavation Technique

“To me, this internship was a fantastic opportunity to develop both on a professional and a personal level. I had the opportunity to interact with seasoned professionals every day while working on my project and got valuable feedback. In my free time I met interesting individuals and experienced the Indian culture first-hand, something I appreciated a lot.”

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Nathalie Hasselberg - Compressor Technique

“From the internship I got a broad picture of what it is like to be working at Atlas Copco. I was given great responsibility from the beginning and had the opportunity to represent Atlas Copco in meetings with suppliers. I had great colleagues from all over the world who all were very helpful, and each had specific knowledge to contribute with. Living abroad was great and I enjoyed the city of Antwerpen a lot!”

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Victor Glyré – Atlas Copco AB, Business Services

“I was positively surprised on how welcoming my colleagues were, and how well taken care of I was. From day one my supervisors let me take the lead on how to find a solution for my project. With great support from my supervisors, I was able to direct my project to a point where all my knowledge achieved from my international education could be fully exploited. Atlas Copco’s International Summer Internship is one of the most giving experiences I have had, and I am certain it will help me achieve a global career in the future.”

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